Welcome to Do Knot Disturb

Do Knot Disturb

Does not only protect drivers from accidents but also helps all
phone users to maintain silence and orderliness.

Do Knot Disturb

Does not only protect drivers from accidents but also helps all
phone users to maintain silence and orderliness.

Welcome, Do Knot Disturb!

The use of Smartphone has made it easy for a lot of users to stay connected, but it can be a serious risk when you use your Smartphone when you are driving.

Research shows that the use of cell phone while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year, out of which 330,000 injuries occur from accidents caused by texting while driving.

In 2013, 3,154 people were killed in distraction-related crashes and about 424,000 people got injured as a result of distracted driving. .

Call To Action Section - Our App Features

Incoming Call

Incoming Call Lock is the best security app for locking incoming call available on play store. This is a must have application. This application will protect your phone's Incoming call to be picked by someone else.

Call Response

When switched on, this app will send your personal SMS message to any caller when you have not been able to answer your mobile or when you have received an SMS.


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Information Pop Up / Alert

This app displays incoming notifications as pop-ups. You will be able to see what’s happening in your system, even if you are in a full screen app or game, without opening the event tray

Benefits of using this application:

  • Saving of your time, if you are driving and don’t want to miss the message, you can use this application.
  • This has remained a major concern and Do Knot Disturb App has been developed to help drivers.
  • Drive without the fear of having an accident.
  • The app keeps drivers on attention on the road by showing your driving images to your callers and informing them that you are driving.
  • Now with the DKD app anyone can be relaxed whenever they are driving or involved in any activity where undivided attention, quiet or Digital Detox is needed ( library, dates, court, movies, opera, sleep ) the ability to send an image or picture indicating what you are doing at the time explaining politely why the call is not be answered. A picture is worth a thousand words, the ability to send images also crosses different cultures and languages and erases all doubt from all callers and explains clearly with images.

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